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Muhammad Abdullahi Wase Teaching Hospital Introduces Weekly Sanitation

By Ibrahim Abdullahi

In compliance with the Director General Hospitals Management Board, Dr. Nasiru Alhassan Kabo’s insistence of keeping hospitals in Kano state clean, the management of Muhammad Abdullahi Wase Teaching Hospital has introduced a weekly sanitation.

In a press statement issued from the Public Relations Unit of the Board, the Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Mustafa Hikima said that the rationale behind the introduction of the exercise is to ensure that the hospital wears a good look at all time.

According to him, one cannot expect a place that is meant for people to come to access care to be dirty, thereby serving as a potential source of additional new infections that patients do not come with.

That was why, he said, they deemed it pertinent to embark on the exercise due to the volumes of people visiting the facility on daily basis so much that if it is not well cleaned people might be confronted with ‘nosocomial’, a hospital acquired infection.

“It is very important for hospital to be very tidy so that we don’t make the health condition of patients even worse by giving them new infection they did not come with. This is the major reason behind the sanitation exercise that we conduct every weekend”, the statement quoted Dr. Hikima to have said.

The CMD maintained that a lot of successes have been achieved from the programme because they do it segment by segment by identifying, within the week, areas that really need to be cleaned and be done over the weekend.

“The success of the programme is the extent to which we try as much as possible to supervise the work. Because, after all necessary arrangements have been put in place, we keep watchful eyes to see things go as planned. I myself involved in the supervision and instruct the cleaners to repeat what they have done where we see that it has not been done properly”, Dr. Hikima stressed.

He highlighted that it was the staff of the hospital that have been doing the work, adding that because the programme is considered to be an extra duty, incentives were given to them in order to motivate them.

Lastly, Dr. Hikima called on all health facilities in the state to copy from this noble initiative due to its importance and pointed out that it will be very difficult for facility to do it within the week, stressing that, “if you do it weekly, you will see that over a period of times the general sanitation level of the facility will be remarkably improved.”

Ibrahim Abdullahi
Public Relations Officer
Hospitals Management Board
12 December 2019


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