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Microsoft to increase Windows 11 upgrade on PCs

Microsoft is rolling out Windows 11 to more PCs this week. After an initial launch to mostly new PCs earlier this month, Microsoft is gradually making the free Windows 11 upgrade available to more existing and eligible devices.

“The availability of Windows 11 has been increased and we are leveraging our latest generation machine learning model to offer the upgrade to an expanded set of eligible devices,” says Microsoft. “We will continue to train our machine learning model throughout the phased rollout to deliver a smooth upgrade experience.”

If you’ve been waiting for the Windows 11 upgrade to appear in Windows Update, you might find the above prompt this week. Anecdotally, we’ve been offered the upgrade on a variety of devices today, including a custom gaming PC.

Microsoft doesn’t provide a list of devices that are now being offered the Windows 11 upgrade, but you’ll only be able to obtain the update through Windows Update if your PC meets the minimum system requirements. If you still don’t see the prompt and want to skip the waiting line, Microsoft offers an easy way to upgrade early.

There are also ways to install Windows 11 on unsupported CPUs, too. Microsoft doesn’t recommend it and you might not receive security updates in the future, but the workaround is very easy without having to reinstall Windows.


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