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“Work and Worship” Sardaunan Sokoto

Lady Zakari LDM.

A kind and a generous lady is our Hajiya Aisha Binani .The professor Husband is said to always say that Aisha is an implementor, result oriented and likes seeing result and whenever he has ideas he wants to implement, he discussed the ideas with her because she makes it happens. Hajiya Aisha Binini is said to already convinced 70% of the men she contested with to support her, what an impressive lady.

My first encounter with Hajiya Aisha Binani, was when she went to heaven and earth and get enough finance to start an Airline Business. Her reason is that, there should be a reliable Air services for North East because that is leaving out “a niche of good bussiness”. I was astounded and so impressed.

Some of us are idea people, some of us are doers. Some of us are bestowed with the gift of garb, and some are silent observers. Some thrive in the day while some are night owls, who sees better in the night.

For example, in Bauchi, Air Marshall Sadiq had gave up because majority of
the delegates were more inclined towards “a certain Doctor” but Hajiya Sadiya stood her ground and told Mr. Sadiq that the Delegates will appreciate “a gift and a kind gesture” which she readily made available and the delegates were said to be made to understand that “for the downtrodden and the poor to be able to choose the leaders they desired, is Baba Buhari’s goodwill to democracy. Hence Baba Buhari insisted on the delegates coming from the wards.

I may not have agreed with the millions Hajiya Sadiya showered on the delegates in order to snatch the Bauchi APC flag for her husband but I know that, I can go to a lot of extent for my Dear ones: especially my parents, husband, friends and family even Northern Nigeria as an extension. Perhaps if I am in Hajiya Sadiya’s shoes I may be inclined to snatch flags and fight battles to secure the throne for my Husband. I think I may do that. Hence, it is difficult to really judge someone unless we find ourselves in a very similar position.

In Indian mythology the only person who defied death was a woman, who was “so in love with her husband”. The story has it in Indian ancient times that, death used to appear to ease the soul into the next circle of death and rebirth, reincarnation. People will run away whenever death arrived but when death came to take the Husband of this very woman, “the woman” stood her ground and fight death to a stand still. In the mythology,. “Death was so impressed with the woman’s valour, death had to retreat. Another woman fighting for her husband.

I know a woman in this forum who have very intelligent Children. 2 of the daughters, one is a Lawyer, the other is a Doctor. The Son is blessed with a gift of cooking. Whatever he cooks, the neighbours lined up to taste the food. The Mother was initially uncomfortable for the boy to choose cooking as a profession, coming from Northern Nigeria but later the Mother accepted for her gifted Son to be a Chef. Another Woman fighting for her Son.

In the history of Islam; Nana Khadija was an astute business woman and very rich. Nana Khadija allowed our noble prophet to use her wealth to support Islam. Nana Aisha was not only young and super beautiful but Nana Aisha had a wonderful retentive memory. Nana Aisha was able to memorised words and actions to the minutest details: Courtesy of that, we are now blessed to have the knowledge of the life of our noble prophet from the masjid to the bedroom.

I pray very soon, we can start having this conversations in Northern Nigeria. Malam Sunusi 11, started the conversation from the position of an elder but a lot of us were not ready for that.

We all have daughters and sons. Let us create the Northern Nigeria where our Sons and Daughters “have a place.” Let us have a society where our Sons and Daughters can fit in, easily. Let us raise our children to be wise and accommodating of the changing times in line with our dear religion. Change is the only constant in this life.

To re-echo professor Ali Mazuri of dear memory.
Let us balance culture, globalisation in form of westernisation and our dear religion. We are not the only Muslims in the world. Islam is not only sent to human kind but also sent to Jinn kind.

As a final note, only a smart and wise woman can handle responsibilities in her home and out of her home. And only a courageous and self assured man can handle a strong woman of substance. Please let us embrace and respect this balance.

Great Sardauna proudly said, “We are a civilization of many years. We are people who are proud of our past, progressive in our present and visionary into the future. Knowing that this life is temporary but very important, so we balance work and worship”

Accept the assurance of my highest esteem and excuse me please where I made mistake.



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