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TNM, the ideological politics similar to that in the first and second republic

With Nigeria drifting towards a two-party republic, the launch of The National Movement (TNM) isn’t only timely but an absolutely necessary intervention that offers Nigerians viable leadership alternatives. Moreover, TNM will reintroduce Nigerians to the ideological politics that epitomized the political processes in the first and second republic.

One doesn’t needs to be told that the two existing mega parties have more similarities than differences. These parties have been basically utilized by politicians as tools for securing electoral victory and pursuing personal and self-serving interests, with politicians switching from one party to the other depending on which party is willing to settle for their interest.

Without the need to keep on discussing our problems, we are very much aware that Nigeria has been in trying times for far too long and it’s becoming too much to bear. The bitter truth that we must accept is that our country lacks good leadership. Through TNM, I believe, concerned Nigerians can come together to support a credible leader who chose honesty, dignity, and candor at a time when so many politicians choose insincerity, sweet talk, deceitfulness and treachery as tools to lure people into supporting their often self-serving missions.

Seeing Kwankwaso as the backbone of TNM, I got relieved, knowing fully well that we can’t get it any better. As a former governor of Nigeria’s most populous state and a former minister of defense, Kwankwaso is well-equiped to work to handle the current challenges facing Nigeria.

I was so impressed by Kwankwaso’s insightful speech, which emphasized the need for Nigerians to go back to the drawing board to ensure a strong and reliable foundation is laid for what he called the Nigerian project. I am so convinced that Nigerians will reap enormous benefits from embracing TNM.

Kwankwaso is a legend of his own time. His life journey, the philosophies he has been espousing, and the whole gamut of his intellect are a case study in human development, capacity building and welfarism. No wonder, he enjoys unflinching support and loyalty in his homeland.

Like all people, Kwankwaso’s is not perfect; however, when matched against his stubborn vision for quality education, improving access to quality health care, relentless and fierce ambition to put his homeland on a straight and solid foundation of good governance, and superlative achievement in all the public offices he held, the net verdict is ineluctable.

As a young person, this is not the Nigeria I want, and I know many people like me share the same view. Fortunately, we can, and should, change our shared history and decide our future through a movement that can serve as a medium for discussing the way forward. The TNM offers us such medium and we should use it to make life better for ourselves and the generations after us.

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