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PMB Need discipline cabinet to fight corruption


With three cardinal programs of PMB’s campaign promises i. e Insecurity, Corruption and Economy, Nigerians expected effective and rebut fighting of Insecurity, Corruption and improved Economy in the country.

Let me start with the corruption war. For long PMB had been pontificating about his desire to fight Corruption his stance on this made Nigerians to believe that he is capable to beat the previous administrations ‘efforts in fighting Insecurity, Corruption and improving the nation;’ economy.

The war waged by the administration against corruption proved to be toughest and it’s fighting back each passing day because there are several alleged corruptions within the administration. The most disturbing point of war against corruption is becoming a subject of public scorn. Nigerians may recalled less than two years of PMB’s administration , face its first litmus test in fighting corruption with highly celebrated profiled corrupt cases like ex petroleum minister Diezeini Allison, Defencegate and PDP campaign funds, five years into the administration, there were no convictions of the alleged looters in this highly profiled corrupt.

The most shocking of the administration error was the given approval of $25 billion contract awarded by NNPC without the input of than acting president at the time of the said approval PMB was in a sick bed in faraway London this cast’s serious doubt in the mine of Nigerians. The most worrying development is that the anti-grant war, which used to be your major feat, is now all over the place. Magu, the anti-graft Czar, has himself been accused of various infractions some of them contained in reports submitted to you.

Did PMB heard Prof Pondei, NDDC acting MD, tell a senate panel that he spent N1.5 billion as COVID-19 relief on the staff? Did you hear him brazenly tell the committee that “we took care of ourselves”, he is still in office. That any of your appointees could make such a reckless statement on record shows how low they rate your anti-graft war.

There is chaos going on between the President’s ministers and chief executive officers of the respective departments and agencies under they watch. Did the president know as resultof this infighting among the administration appointees are becoming a subject of public ridicule. minister of labour suspend the management of NSITF said he had PMB’s approval, former MD of the Niger Delta Development Commission vs. Minster of Niger Delta Dr Isa Ali Pantami Vs Mrs. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, NCC Executive Vice Chairman, Minister of Power Vs MD of the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Company, minster of power Vs MD of the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) .

Another episode of indiscipline when police officers were deployed to the house of Mrs Joi Nunieh, former MD of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), to intimidate her on a day she was supposed to testify about the massive corruption in the agency. Latest episode of indiscipline minister of labour Dr Chris Ngige Vs James Falaki on the screen of the TV called him Mushin boy and He is VI Guy.

It is seem the government is indisposed to instill discipline within the rank of the administration. Many Nigerians are asking whether President Buhari is the man of dependability Nigerians saw in him some years back. This is not the same person Nigerians ostensible brought into office in 2015, Buhari’s fear factor has gone which the corrupt peoples and other had on him disappeared, the fright notion of If Buhari catches you, one would bear the consequence also gone and no longer scares anybody, as we all can see even there is apparent lack of coordination and infighting among different agencies of government as well as key functionaries serving in the administration of came to the front in the wake of the confirmation of the suspended EFCC chairman DSS, wrote to the senate to counter your choice.

If indeed those allegations are true, it should be a major indictment on Mr President, that right under his nose, all these things were happening and you did not act swiftly but the way the whole thing has been handled is damaging to the anti-graft war, and infighting among the appointees are hurtful to the administration integrity. Nigerians never expected negative things to happen under PMB’s stewardship and voters never thought he would head a government bedeviled with boggling, chaos, among the administration appointees and endless things which are discredited administration goodwill and the nation at large.

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