Sunday, September 19, 2021
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Senator Dino Melaye Calls on FG to declare State of Emergency in Kogi State

At the today’s plenary session at the Senete chamber, Senator Ahmed Ogembe cites order 43, says the empowerment programme he is sponsoring was disrupted by thugs and this has caused violence in Kogi Central.

The police command refused to act, he added that a number of his supporters were seriously injured. However, the political intimidation and violence is getting out of hand.

In his support, Senetor Dino Melaye added that the situation in is gradually getting worse considering the artificial hardship created due to lack of paying salaries to worker.

Melaye continued that Governor Yahaya Bello appointed hudlums and political thugs as local government caretakers and those caretakers normally lead the thugs to disrupt any activity which the Governor doesn’t want.

Dino Melaye prays to the Federal Government to impose the State of Emergency in Kagi in order to save democracy.


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