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Shehu Sani: Those plotting my recall are political thugs, rabble rousers

Senator representing Kaduna central senatorial district, Senator Shehu Sani, has described as political thugs and rabble rousers who are being manipulated to plot his recall process which he said will certainly not yield any result.

He also alleged that they are group of challantants always allowing themselves to be used by the government in power against him since the present administration took over power in 2015 apparently for his stance against the anti peoples policy in the state.

Senator Sani who responded through his Senior Special Adviser on Politics and Ideology, Suleiman Ahmed, contended that “these amorphous and fake groups are nothing but Governor Nasiru Elrufai’s errand boys doing his bidding in the hope that it will buy him peace of mind.

He said they were sponsored goons, rabble-rousers and Elrufai’s foot soldiers set to distract him and make noise.

“For close to three years, Governor El-Rufai has been using this sorts of fake groups to fight his cause and all have failed and will continue to fail”.

Meanwhile, a group known as Concerned Indigenes of Kaduna Central Senatorial District had addressed a press conference and said it has started making the process of recalling Senator Sani according to them for working against President Muhammad Buhari and the senatorial district.

The leader of the group, Aliyu Saidu averred that the senator had not only betrayed his constituents but had declared war on them.

“We the people of Kaduna Central unanimously support President Buhari in his effort to fix the economy and rid Nigeria of corruption and insecurity.

“We send Senator Shehu Sani to the Senate to work towards the success of Buhari government and not work in the opposite direction.

“To our disdain, the Senator’s political behaviour and performance so far were a direct contrast to the yearnings and aspirations of the people of the district.

“So far, he has nothing to show for except social media posts insulting the president and cheering his enemies. By his actions, the senator has caused more damage to the president and our great party as well as his actions have harmed our collective interest as a senatorial district.

“It is regrettable that the party has failed to call Senator Shehu Sani to order for his open belligerence against the government and our party.

“No individual no matter how highly positioned is above the party. We the people of Kaduna Central cannot afford to wait till 2019. We are ready to correct this anomaly through recall.

“We hereby inform the world that we shall be exercising our available constitutional options by initiating a recall process against Senator Shehu Sani. This will send a strong message that the people of Kaduna Central will never again entrust their destiny in the hands of any representative who is willing to ignore their needs in order to appease to a political godfather elsewhere.”


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